Mi Familia in The Heights

By Larry Tellez Neria

I grew up in my great, historic,community BOYLE HEIGHTS . In the year 1960 , Growing up in the heights was so comfortable like walking with my mom down Soto st to Brooklyn Ave in the late 60s, early 70s A and after shopping at Reeves Show Store ,Thirftys, National Dollar, ect .We would stop to eat ethier at THE CUP on Wabash & Soto or at George’s Burgers on Brooklyn Ave. Yes I’m 3rd generation in California My dad & mom were born here in Boyle Heights , My Grand father grew up in Boyle Heights as well in the late 20s .So did my Dad at Mission Rd area ,Mom on Morengo & Lord st she attended Bridge st school in the late 40s & early 50s before the freeways. Thank You for reading my family back ground. God Bless.

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