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Mi Familia in The Heights

By Larry Tellez Neria

I grew up in my great, historic,community BOYLE HEIGHTS . In the year 1960 , Growing up in the heights was so comfortable like walking with my mom down Soto st to Brooklyn Ave in the late 60s, early 70s A and after shopping at Reeves Show Store ,Thirftys, National Dollar, ect .We would stop […]

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Simon Gless- Juanita Amestoy Farmhouse, 1886-1887

By Jill Tipton See for photo of this historic house in Boyle Heights. Built by French Basque sheep farmers. 131 So. Boyle Ave, Boyle Heights, CA circa 1886-1887. Simon Gless & Juanita Amestoy Farmhouse. Simon Gless inherited the Encino Ranch from his uncle Gaston Oxart. Simon sold the Encino Ranch to his father in -law, Domingo Amestoy. […]

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Morin Memorial Square

By Eddie Morin

I am the son of Raul Morin who was an activist, veteran and author. He wrote the book, “Among the Valiant” which chronicled the heroics of the Mexican American Medal of Honor recipients of WWII and Korea. He spoke out against police brutality and other relevant issues affecting our community. He was active in many […]

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Santa Martha Hospital

By Mario E. Zugasti

I no longer live in LA but it makes me sad that the Hospital where I was born, Santa Marta Hospital no longer exists. I have fond memories growing up in Boyle Heights/East L.A. attending Lorena Elementary and checking out books from Stevenson Library. (That is all)

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Homeboy Histories

By Dr. Ysamur Flores Pena

I am teaching a class at Otis College of Art and Design about the history, impact, and identity of Boyle Heights. The idea is to connect artists and designers to help the community through their art.

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I Left My Heart In Boyle Heights

By Betsy Kalin

When I moved to L.A. from the East Coast, I was floored by how much it defied every stereotype. There were so many neighborhoods and corners to explore, so much diversity, and an abundance of fantastic food experiences, but it wasn’t until I came to know Boyle Heights that I felt like I finally found […]

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